Pike perch


Although competing lure fishers make outrageous pike catches in the bays surrounding Niskaselkä year after year, the fish that really attracts them is the trout. Zander are less frequently encountered in the Niskaselkä area than in the easternmost part of Lake Oulujärvi.



A long bank off ­Säräisniemi Point has an extensive reputation for trout. Similar long luring grounds are found stretching from the waters behind Säräisniemi Point across to Manamansalo Island, and from Teeriniemi Point as far as Kaaresjärvi Bay.

Many trout lurers praise the northern bank off Kuostonsaari Island. Another rewarding spot lies off the steep flank of Kaarresalo Island, provided it is not too windy.

In the wide open water in the middle of Niskaselkä, salmonoids prey on vendace in areas where there are underwater ridges at a depth of about 10 metres. Such ridges exist between Karhusaari Island and the islet of Reimiluoto, for example. In the spring, the trout inhabit the areas where warm topwaters are gathered by the wind. In the summer and autumn, successful anglers cast their lures not only in known trout grounds but in mid-lake areas that are sheltered from the wind.



In the spring, the Painuanlahti and Kaaresjärvi bays are excellent spots for luring spawning pike. The northern part of Niskanselkä, with its shoals and islands, is also a good pike spot. Noted pike areas are the bays at Kiveslahti, Soutulahti, and Kankarinlahti, the neck of the River Oulujoki, and the bay and bay mouth at Jaalanganlahti. Pike around the Mölykarin and Nurmiluoto islets, ­the Kaivannonsalmi strait and Karhusaari Island are easily lured by spin fishing.


Perch and whitefish

The most famous ice fishing spot on Niskanselkä is off the shallow Kaaresjärvi Bay, and within the bay itself. Similar ice fishing spots are found at the mouths of brooks flowing into Painuanlahti Bay and Lake Nimisjärvi. The bay and bay mouth at Jaalanganlahti, and the Juurikkalahti, Soutulahti and Kankarinlahti bays are among the most popular ice fishing spots in the northern Niskanselkä area. Ice fishers also frequently compete in the Vaalankurkku strait.

Ice fishers off Säräisniemi Point are also known to succeed with whitefish. The perch is also a common ice fishing catch in these areas. In the summer, bottom angling along the underwater bank also yields perch. The ability to locate a good fishing ground in the open lake ­is an important skill. This is best learned by observing other anglers.



1. Oulujärvi fishing area

2. Säräisniemi area


The lure fishing licence for the Oulujärvi fishing area ispersonal and covers the entire Lake Oulujärvi, with the exception of the waters of the Säräisniemi and Niska fishing associations (indicated on the map). The licence places limit 10 rods and 5 zander/boat.

Lure licences: €10/day (24h), €20/week (7 days), €30/calendar year.


LAKE OULUJÄRVI The waters of the Säräisniemi fishing association

Extent and location: The waters of the Säräisniemi fishing association (3,649 ha) cover the shore area of the southwestern part of Niskanselkä up to the border of the public waters, starting from close to the neck of the River Oulujoki, continuing to the southern side of Säräisniemi Point and including half of Painuanlahti Bay.

Fishing licences: Lure fishing licences and licences for a single net or trap for the area are available from the fishing association. These waters are not included in the Lake Oulujärvi lure licence.

The Lake Oulujärvi lure licence is now available online:ärvi 

Places where lure licences for Lake Oulujärvi may be purchased: Shell Kontiomäki (Kontiomäki),  K-Market (Vaala), Seo-Otanmäki, the Ihme café, (Jaalanka), the Manamansalo camping area (Teeriniemi),  Ase ja Optiikka Korhonen (Kajaani).


The lure fishing licence for the area of the Säräisniemi fishing association may be bought online:äräisniemi

In Vaala, the Säräisniemi licence is obtainable at the K-Market grocery shop. In Säräisniemi: the Oulujärven vapaa-aikakeskus resort, the Oulujärven lomakylä holiday resort.

Lure fishing licences and licences for a single net or trap for the area are available from the fishing association. These waters are not included in the Lake Oulujärvi lure licence.

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