River Vuolijoki

A Small Stream in a Rural Setting Maintained with Rainbow Stocking






Rainbow trout

Flowing into Käkilahti Bay in Lake Oulujärvi, the Vuolijoki was restored to its former condition in the early 1990s, creating a destination for white-water anglers. Although its water is occasionally tinted dark by humus, the river has an interesting fish population and yields large catches.

The most popular fishing spot on the river, and one where anglers stand a good chance of catching fish, is the Tuplankoski rapid, near the Vuolijoki municipal centre. Regular stocking with catchable-size salmonoids guarantee a good catch.  The angler will find the rapid by parking in the car park next to the cemetery and following the jogging track down to the river. (Juha onko koskelle opastetta) The distance is only about half a kilometre. Tuplankoski rapid measures runs for about 500 metres, and its width of 5 to 10 metres means it can be conveniently covered from one bank. Another equally accessible fishing spot is the Kytökoski rapid, passing under the road to Kokkola, although the rapid is not stocked with catchable-size fish. Upstream from Kytökoski rapid, and along the Saaresjoki and Eteläjoki rivers, this waterway has the character of small streams winding for kilometres through forest. Such streams call for determined anglers, with a fish population protected by shrubby banks, making for difficult walking. The Vuolijoki flows for a greater part of its course through forested country. The area is populated and farmed along the roads and in the Vuolijoki municipal centre.


Fish stock and stock management

Rainbow trout in excess of one kilo are the most frequent catch on Tupalankoski rapid, but anglers are known to have caught fish weighing more than four kilos. The rapid is stocked several times every summer with rainbow trout and, on occasion, with catchable-size brown trout. In addition to hatchery-raised fish, the rapid also holds a natural fish stock. The river’s thriving grayling population has its origins in the naturalisation stockings that began in the 1980s. Today, the largest grayling measure more than 50cm. Another factor contributing to the formation of the current healthy fish stock is sound fishing practices. Fly fishers practise sustainable fishing on the river, fostering its natural fish population. A portion of statutory-size fish caught on the river has also been released into the water, to grow and to reproduce. A genuine sport fishing spirit permeates fishery management. Grayling can be found in the headwaters of the Saaresjoki, while the Eteläjoki holds an original trout population, rather dark in colour.


€50/season, €10/24 hours; anglers under 15 years of age receive a discount of 50%.



Permitted fishing methods: lure and fly. Fishing is permitted only with a hand-held rod. Bait fishing and the use of stationary nets and traps is prohibited. Fishing from boat is prohibited. The licence entitles the holder to fish with similar gear in the other sections on the Vuolijoki and the water areas of the Vuolijoki–Manamansalo fishing association.

Bag limit: 2 brown trout, rainbow trout or grayling/24 hours. The statutory minimum size for trout is 50 and for grayling 30cm. Unspawned trout are recommended for release in early June.

Access to the area: Tupalankoski rapid can be reached by taking the jogging track from the car park next to the cemetery and following it for approx. 700m to the head of the rapid.  Walking through farmyards without the consent of the owner and crossing fields in which crops have been sown or are growing is prohibited.

Other regulations: Good manners should be observed when fishing, and consideration shown for other anglers, including starting to fish upstream rather than immediately downstream of another angler, and taking turns in a good fishing spot if more than one angler wants to fish the same water area. Unnecessary wading and alarming of the fish is not proper fishing etiquette.

Fish stock: Rainbow trout, grayling and brown trout. (The statutory minimum size for trout 50cm)Management: Tupalankoski rapid is stocked with catchable-size rainbow and brown trout throughout the summer.


All year round. Statutory close season from 1 September to 30 November.

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