Lake Laahtanen










Laahtanen is a forest lake set in a hollow between hills in the municipality of Ristijärvi. The lake is an ideal destination for those wanting to test their skills in luring rose-coloured rainbow trout and whitefish. The angler’s interest in the lake will be heightened by its broken shoreline, islands and notable variation in depth.

The comfort and convenience of anglers and hikers is catered for by trails, bridges, lean-tos, fire pits and outhouses. Accommodation is provided at a private holiday resort containing both cabins and a caravan park. The resort also has rowing boats for hire for those who want to try lure fishing. Rowing is also excellent for training the upper back muscles – exercise and pleasure combined!

“Fishing, in its own way, is somehow rejuvenating”


Since the beginning of 2017 you are allowed to fish on Laahtanen with Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu 5411 angling permit.

See the permit terms of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu 5411 angling permit.

You always need a permit to fish on Laahtanen. Free general fishing rights (hook and line fishing, ice fishing) and fisheries management fee do not give permit for fishing in this area.

There will be no more fish stockings on Laahtanen.

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