Lake Syväjärvi in Kuhmo







Rainbow trout

Lake Syväjärvi is a clear forest lake with two sections. Both ends of the lake are deep, with steep shores

of mainly dry, pine-dominated heath forest. An easy 6-kilometre trail circles the lake, equipped with a lean-to and several fire pits. Lake Syväjärvi is an excellent fishing and hiking destination, also suitable for families and groups.


Permits / Syväjärvi 5255

Licences can be purchased directly from the online shop using most common methods of payment.

Ukkohalla, Our Favourite

Lake Syväjärvi in Kuhmo

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Kalalla Kainuussa

Here, one can truly say, there are fish. Stocked rainbow trout, and other fish, too. Well-managed, but with surprisingly few anglers. In some years we’ve logged nearly ten fishing trips…

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