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Pike perch

There are several mid-sized lakes along the River Emäjoki in Central Kainuu, connected by free flowing rivers and straits. The maze of lakes also varies in depth, and with the main river connecting the lakes and providing fish with nutrition, fish stocks are substantial.

Lake Hyrynjärvi

Lake Hyrynjärvi is the main lake in the Hyrynsalmi region. The Emäjoki can be followed both upstream and downstream, and Lake Salmijärvi provides a way east to the Luva waterway. The region’s diversified fish stock includes vendace, whitefish, pike, zander and brown trout. The region also includes renowned perch fishing grounds for ice fishers and anglers, for example on Lake Pölhönjärvi. The area is accessible from the Hyrynsalmi boat harbour, which is equipped with a proper boat ramp and guest pier.


€30/year, €15/week, €5/24 hours

A joint lure fishing licence covers the following lakes in the municipality of Hyrynsalmi: The River Emäjoki, and the Seitenjärvi, Pölhöjärvi and Hyrynjärvi lakes (the latter up to the municipal border of Suomussalmi) and Lake Salmijärvi (up to the power line at the eastern end of the lake).

Boat ramps: Seitenoikea hydroelectric power plant, Hyrynsalmi parish village, and the Hietalahti car park some 5 km north of Hyrynsalmi along national road 5.

Shell (Kontiomäki) and the Rautia hardware store (Hyrynsalmi)


Personal licence, unlimited number of rods.Fish stock: pike, zander, perch and brown trout.


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