Linnanvirta Section of the River Kajaaninjoki

Linnanvirta on the River Kajaaninjoki is a Popular Urban Fishing Destination with a Free Licence Available to All







Linnanvirta is also a fishing spot steeped in the tradition of sport fishing. The historical milieu of the river includes castle ruins, a channel known as ‘Tervakanava’ —  ‘Tar lock’ once used by peasant farmers transporting tar barrels to the sea coast  — and several memorials, while the area also houses  hydro-electric power plants.

Located at the heart of the city, Linnanvirta, flowing on both sides of the castle ruins, attracts anglers all year round. Linnansaari Island, housing the castle ruins, the riverside parks and the old tar pier Tervalaituri provide ease of movement and guarantee the availability of good-size trout, grayling and whitefish within casting range. A pier has been constructed at the prime fishing spot, the riverside park, allowing wheelchair access and providing a safe fishing location for everyone, including children. Linnanvirta, the section of the river located between two hydro-electric plants, is approximately half a kilometre in length and 40 to 100 metres in width. In the middle of the river lies Linnansaari, an island housing the castle ruins. Linnanvirta can be fished from both banks, and from the banks of Linnansaari Island.

Linnanvirta provides scant opportunities for wading; however, the banks, devoid of trees and shrub in many places, make for easy casting for fly fishers. For the Kajaaninjoki, lure anglers are recommend to pack a rod with a long casting range. In June and July, the Kajaani fly fishing club runs a café in Lussitupa, a building of local historic interest beside the Tervakanava lock.



The Kajaaninjoki can boast a long tradition of sport fishing. The current fishing arrangements, however, are unashamedly modern. Linnanvirta offers large trout and good-size grayling through frquent stocking of salmonoids. The licence carries no fee, however, as the cost of stocking is covered by donations obtained from businesses operating in Kajaani. Both locals and tourists are thus presented with an opportunity to engage in an activity which is urban yet close to nature. Fishing management also involves an obligation on the part of anglers to obtain a licence and read and understand the fishing regulations. Raised minimum lengths, bag limits and other similar measures enhance natural fish reproduction, and also contribute to a more even distribution of catch among anglers.


Kajaani-info or or Kajaani-info (the licence is only valid for the section of the Kajaaninjoki between the hydro-electric power plants). More info here


Fishing regulations for the Linnanvirta section

The licence is personal and every angler must have onewhen engaged in fishing. The licence must be presented to the fishing wardenupon request. A licence cannot be handed over for use by another person.No fee is charged for a licence.

Bag limit is one trout/24 hours. The statutory minimum size for trout is 60cm. The statutory minimum sizefor zander is 45cm. The taking of grayling is prohibited until further notice. A fish not meeting the statutory minimum sizemust be released into the water immediately, whetherit is injured or not.

Fishing is only permitted using an artificial lure, fly or jig,casting from the bank or when wading and using one rod only. The use of worms, natural-fish bait anddough bait is prohibited.

Angling, ice fishing and fishing under the provincial lure fishing licenceis prohibited in rapids and currents in waters that contain salmon or whitefish,  also on Linnanvirta.

The fishing licence is valid for the period of time indicated on the licence, with the exception ofperiods of time specifically indicated on the noticeboard at Lussintupa, on signs along the river,on the website of the Kajaani fly fishing club,or during statutory close seasons.

Supervision of fishing is carried out by fishing wardens appointed bythe fly fishing club. Breach of fishing regulations will lead tothe loss of the fishing licence. Anglers from 18 to 64 years of age musthave paid the national fisheries management fee.

The Kajaani fly fishing club reserves the right to change these regulations and, if necessary,issue other regulations on fishingon the noticeboard at Lussintupa or on the club’s websiteat

Fishing licences are available at the Kajaanin Info local information desk, Pohjolankatu 13, open from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. or at


1 April to 30 November. For further information, call: Juha Väisänen/The Kajaani Fishing Club, +358 (0)44 274 9557

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