River Jormasjoki

A Popular Location Among White-water Anglers






Rainbow trout


The Jormaskoski rapids flow through rural scenery. Despite being populated along its course, the river runs in a depression amid meadows and field, allowing the angler to fish undisturbed. However, anglers should take note of the fences bordering the fields and a number of saunas along the river. No fire pits are available on the rapids, but a maintained lay-by on the main road lies conveniently at a point about halfway down. Fishing beside the bridge is recommended first, followed by finding additional fishing spots in the upper and lower stretches.

Downstream from the head, the rapid flows under shady trees, in many places in braided currents.  Before reaching the railway bridge, the rapid runs into a pool with a slow current. Beyond the railway, the Myllylänkoski rapid tumbles down for about one kilometre to the mouth of the Jormasjoki. The river is about 20 metres wide, and in most places the angler is able to cover the channel from one bank. In some places the banks are tree-covered, and fly fishers at least may need to do some wading in order to cast. However, the vegetation lining the banks also provides protection for fish. Jormaskoski, a continuous stretch of rapids more than one and a half kilometres in length, is an extensive and comfortably accessible fishing destination. Fish are ready to bite along the entire length of these popular fishing grounds.

Virtalan virrat, a section of both mild and swift current, lies at the outlet into Lake Jormasjärvi, a natural lake setting beautifully framed by the eskers of Vuokatti. Two stretches of fast water are separated by a 200-metre section of calmer stream. The most typical catch is rainbow trout, stocked in the river in catchable sizes. Stocked fish cruise in the river, feeding at the edge of the fast current. Slower water is ideal for spin fishing, while the fly fisher is more likely to catch fish in the faster water. Worth noting is that Virtalan virrat lies adjacent to Lake Jormasjärvi, and now and then lake-dwelling brown trout enter the fast water of the river to feed. Small fishing grounds such as Virtalan virrat are at their best after a period of rest.

Fish stock and stock management

Rainbow trout above one kilo and the grayling that thrive in these waters are frequently caught in the Jormaskoski rapids. Large lake-dwelling trout are also caught on occasion.

The Sotkamo fishing region imposes a uniform statutory minimum size of 50cm on brown trout, which applies to both lakes and rivers and enables the trout to grow into fine specimens. The Jormaskoski rapids and the Virtalan virrat section are stocked with catchable-size rainbow trout regularly throughout the season.

In addition, the waterway is stocked with the fry of migratory fish. Fishery restoration work was carried out on the Jormakoski rapids in 2011, aimed at improving the spawning grounds and fry nursery areas.



  • Length: 1500m
  • Elevation differential: 6.1m
  • Average flow: 3.1 m³/s


€10/24 hours, €20/week and €40/season. The licence covers the Jormasjoki and Tuhkajoki rivers.

24-hour mobile licence: Dial +358 (0) 606 056 1437 (the licence will be sent to you as a text message and charged to your mobile phone) price (€10.02 plus a mobile phone charge),   Ase- ja optiikkahuolto (Kajaani)


Bag limit 3 salmonoids/24 hours; statutory.

-Statutory minimum size for stocked trout with no adipose fin: 50cm
.-Statutory minimum size for wild trout with an intact adipose fin: 60cm.
-Statuory minimum size for grayling is 35cm


27.5.2017 klo 12:00 – 31.8.2017

From 12 p.m. on the last Friday in May until on 31 August.

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