Report on Test Fishing in the Akonkoski Eco-fishing Area

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Report on Test Fishing in the Akonkoski Eco-fishing Area

Greetings from an angling trip! I recently wetted lines with M. T. on the Akonkoski Rapid. Water temperature: 16.5°C. Having use of a rowing boat we could also reach the embankment. No beer consumed. We had a highly successful trip, even though with the river in spate we couldn’t fish the best holes. We landed around 20 fish. Half a dozen were grayling in the 30 to 37cm range, the rest trout from 44cm to 50cm. A couple of plump trout just shy of 20cm might have been in there, too. All had been highly energetic and took the fly very aggressively. A fly-fishing paradise, in other words!  The biggest trout we saw went for the fly with a tremendous, masculine somersault high in the air, right over the roughest water in the middle of the rapid. Luckily for us, it missed.

─ Will this be posted online?

The only reason not to is to prevent Akonkoski becoming too popular with anglers!

Antti Vanninen, Kuhmo

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