Hiisijoki and Tervajoki Rivers

Peaceful Small Streams








The Hiisijoki begins in Hiisijärvi, a lake well-known for its beaches. After winding for thirteen kilometres through forest, the river drains into Lake Iso-Pyhäntä. Landscape along the river is extremely varied in relief, with spectacular eskers sloping steeply into the water. Such formations can be found, for example, at the rapid at Laahtaskoski, and at Pahkakoski at the head of the river. The Pahkakoski gorge was formed in the eighteenth century during a drainage operation when, partly through loss of control and partly by accident, the waters escaped. In the ensuing deluge the level in Lake Hiisijärvi dropped by 14 metres, with the water area shrinking to one tenth of the original. The sands dunes along the shores of Lake Hiisijärvi are well worth visiting, and the lake is an ideal destination for a family summer outing. Another perfect trip destination is the lean-to at the Laahtakoski rapid. This stands in a location of natural beauty, beside a lightweight bridge crossing the rapid over a deep channel wedged between steep eskers. Averaging only about five metres in width, this small stream meanders through pine-covered eskers for almost its entire length. The river has carved steep banks in the eskers at certain points. Of particular interest are the sandy banks along the bends containing protected lies for fish. Covered with dry pine forest, the terrain is easy to traverse. The angler is consequently encouraged to cover a wider area, though moving cautiously as fish in a small stream like the Hiisijoki are extremely wary. Fishing grounds are often found in the water areas adjoining shallow rapids. Rapids from upstream to downstream: Pahkakoski, Kuikkakorva, Tervasahi, Möttöskoski, Lyhytniva, Pitkäniva, Laahtaskoski and Kovakoski.



Downstream from Lake Iso-Pyhäntä, before this lake-and-river system turns into the Emäjoki, the Hiisijoki join with the Tervajoki flowing from the north. The Tervajoki begins in Lake Tervajärvi and runs its full 15 kilometres through forest. Averaging about five metres in width, the water in this small stream is slightly tinted by humus.  In contrast to the Hiisijoki and its sandy eskers, the Tervajoki flows through varied country strewn with crags and covered with forest, in a succession of rapids and pools. Grayling is the most common catch for the white-water angler. Recognizable by its huge dorsal fin, this fish grows to a respectable size here, thriving in the leisurely currents and flowing pools.


Fish stock and stock management

These small streams have a grayling and trout population that reproduces naturally. The Hiisijoki is stocked infrequently with catchable-salmonoids and trout fry by the fishing association. In midsummer, though salmonoids dwelling in small streams are often extremely wary, the pools lying between rapids may yield pike and perch.



  • Length of Hiisijoki: 13km
  • Elevation differential: 15.6m


Lure fishing licence for Ristijärvi: € 4 /24 hours, €7/week, €12 /month, €20/season.  The licence covers the entire length of Hiisijoki and all white water in the municipality of Ristijärvi with the exception of state-owned Metsähallitus water areas.

All river and white-water areas belonging to fishing associations in Ristijärvi municipality are included in a single licence. The most widely known white-water fishing grounds are the Torvenkoski rapid, located by the Karppala water mill in the village of Uva, and the small Hiisijoki, flowing in the municipality’s eastern corner.

Cafe 5 Stop (Ristijärvi) and Ristijärven Pirtti (Ristijärvi)


All year round. (Taking of trout is prohibited between 1 September and 30 November)

Services: Laahtasen lomakylä holiday resort, located near the Laahtaskoski rapid

Midsummer Fishing on the Hiidenkoski Rapid

Hiisijoki and Tervajoki Rivers

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