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Situated in the northeastern part of the municipality of Suomussalmi, the Hossa holiday centre is located among hills covered in pine-dominated heath forest. Waterways consisting of lakes, rivers and brooks traverse the area. The area also contains plenty of separate, crystal-clear kettle ponds. The Hossa waters are situated in a small geographical area, allowing easy access to several lakes and ponds. White-water anglers should head to the River Hossanjoki or other areas of running water.

The region has strong natural populations of perch and whitefish, and the lakes and ponds are stocked with salmonoid fry. With plenty of nutrients available, the stocked fry thrive and grow to a good size. Success on the Hossanjoki is almost guaranteed as the river is stocked with trout of very catchable size. Three further ponds at Hossa, managed by means of rainbow trout stocking, permit fishing for those who have bought Hossa’s triple licence for rainbow trout fishing. These ponds are Huosiuslampi, Keihäslampi and Pieni-Hossalaislampi. Anglers and hikers benefit from amenities such as fire pits, lean-tos, marked trails and wilderness huts. Tourists will find a comprehensive range of cabins for rent, as well as advice and guidance available at the Hossa Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre also hosts an exhibition and provides café and restaurant services.

The Umpi-Valkeinen pond is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Hossa. The two-part kettle pond is divided by a shallow strait. The northern part is smaller and shallower, and more suitable for fishing from the shore. The most coveted catch in this double pond is perch or trout. These grow surprisingly large considering the pond’s small size. Their impressive growth is explained by the presence of a ten-spined stickleback population. This small fish is excellent prey for predatory fish. This should also inform your choice of lure.  The Umpi-Valkeinen pond is also inhabited by grayling, which like the trout is stocked as fry. Boats are available for hire.

Lake Iso-Valkeinen contains magnificent perch, trout, grayling and huge whitefish which tempt anglers here time after time for either ice or lure fishing.

The best spots on Lake Iso-Valkeinen are the edges of its deep basins and islands, as well as the nearby shallows and shoals. The clear water means the fish are timid and very particular about the morsels they are offered. Landing these fish will be a challenge!

Fishing can also be made more effective by hiring a rowing boat.

Lake Pitkä-Hoilua is among the largest in the region. The lake is especially popular for lure fishing from rowing boats, as the trout prey on vendace out in the open lake. The vendace also sustain the trout fry that are stocked in the lake.

The largest trout caught by ice and lure fishers have weighed from 3 to 5 kilos. Lake Pitkä-Hoilua also contains large whitefish and perch. Compared to kettle ponds, the water in Lake Pitkä-Hoilua is slightly darker, tinged by humus. Ask about boats for hire at the Visitor Centre.

The best perch grounds are not limited to the most popular fishing waters. The hiking area map may guide you to an excellent perch pond of your own. As few anglers go after these monster perch, you can often enjoy the ponds in perfect solitude. The fish populations in the Hossanjoki rapids were restored in the 1990s. The licence covers some 5 kilometres, including about a dozen separate rapids with strong grayling populations. Catchable-size trout are also stocked in the area. Now and then anglers make a catch worth bragging about as lake-dwelling trout move from Lake Kiantajärvi to the upper parts of the River Hossanjoki.  Especially in early summer, the fish rising greedily to your lure from the rapids might very well be a silver-scaled trout carrying greetings from the big lake. White-water fishing is also possible in other Hossa rivers such as the River Peranganjoki and River Somerjoki waterways and on the Iikoski rapid. Grayling is the most common fish, but trout may also offer a bite.

Hossa’s triple licence for rainbow trout includes the Huosiuslampi, Keihäslampi and Pieni-Hossalaislampi ponds, all three popular spots for this particular fish. Fishing is by lures cast from shore. Ice fishing is also possible in the winter. There are several fire pits dotted around the ponds. Huosiuslampi pond also has a lean-to, and is accessible for persons with physical disabilities.


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Licences can be purchased directly from the online shop using most common methods of payment.

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Hossa National Park

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