Lentuankoski Rapids

A Spectacular Location for White-water Fishing and a Major Tourist Attraction







Lentuanjärvi, a lake in its natural state, is the starting point for the Lentuankoski rapids, famous for rafting and as a beauty spot. Notable attractions include looming expanse of Lake Lentuanjärvi, and especially the Iso Lentuankoski rapid. The waters of Lentuankoski veritably tumble down, spraying over rafters as they shoot the rapids.

Clear signposts direct visitors to Lentuankoski from the Kuhmo–Suomussalmi road. At the head of the rapids provides guidance for anglers and other nature enthusiasts. The head of the Iso Lentuankoski rapid is easily accessible even by wheelchair, over a footbridge starting at the car park. The wooden footbridge continues across to a rock embankment dividing the rapids. The bridge reaches all the best fishing spots at the head of the rapid, while its fitted handrail also allows disabled people to fish here.

Another staging post for anglers is the Lentuankoski camping site, located at the tail of the rapids. From there, signposts direct the angler to a footpath leading to the tail of the Pieni Lentuankoski rapid. The footpath leads to the rock embankment, with another signposted footpath leading from the upper end of the embankment to a lean-to on the Iso Lentuankoski rapid, a distance of around one kilometre. The Lentuankoski rapids and camping site form a pleasant and idyllic location for a holiday spent in natural surroundings, even for those whose first thoughts have nothing to do with fish. The white-water fishing area comprises the Iso Lentuankoski rapid, the Välisuvanto pool, the Pieni Lentuankoski rapid and a stretch of a river extending as far as Lake Lammasjärvi. The total length of the rapids is 1,200 metres, with a drop of 5.3 metres. Located between lakes, the Lentuankoski rapids are unfrozen in winter and remain open to anglers.



The head of Iso Lentuankoski is one of the most popular fishing spots in this area. At around 50m wide, this is where trout from the upstream lake and grayling in the rapid gather to feed. Anglers cast their lines from a rock above the rapid or from the rock embankment. The churning waters below the head of the rapid are difficult to fish but are home to the energetic Lentua trout. Currents are extremely strong on the embankment side, which is flanked by a straight rock wall. The shore opposite is more varied, containing a greater number of holes and still water behind rocks, preferred by the fish that inhabit the rapid. By the time waters reach Välisuvanto – literally, the intermediate pool  – the currents have gradually become more gentle. It is here, at the tail of the rapid, that the largest trout are often found on the lookout for their next meal. The whole of Välisuvanto is rich in potential as holding water. Fishing is possible from the embankment extending down to the pool, or along the narrow tail portion of the pool. A lean-to stands by the pool, in a cove next to the tail of the rapid. The cove can be skirted by walking over duckboards. The angler can either turn off the duckboard path towards the head of the Pieni Lentuankoski rapid, or continue through the forest to the tail.



Pieni Lentuankoski provides more extensive and varied spots for fishing than its big brother upstream. The rapid is full of eddies and holes for trout and grayling to hold in. The 30- to 40-metre-wide channel flows in slow waves, picking up speed when forced through narrow sections. Along the western bank, extending the entire length of the rapid, lies an embankment lined with logs designed for hauling boats. The current between the main channel and the embankment is slowed by submerged rocks, providing protected niches for trout to hold in.The rapid flows in a curve to a flowing pool. The pool is also plentiful in fish, feeding on food carried by the currents from the rapid. These waters, extending past the camping ground all the way to Lake Lammasjärvi, are well-suited for fly fishing from a rent boat. A number of footpaths on the eastern shore of Pieni Lentuankoski lead the angler along the course of the river. On the eastern bank, running parallel to the curved end section of the rapid, an easily traversable embankment with log walls provides access over a footbridge to a path leading to the camping ground.



The large brown trout grown in Lake Lentuanjärvi are the pride of these rapids. Catching one poses a challenge, as the trout often manage to release themselves in the strong current. Anglers nonetheless hook them in large numbers here, with a specimen meeting the minimum size being the usual catch. To improve the chances of a catch, the fishing association stocks the rapids regularly with catchable-size brown trout. Grayling also inhabit the rapids and are caught frequently. Whitefish was previously common, but is now only an occasional catch. In addition to catchable-size brown trout, the fishing association has made efforts to stock these rapids with hatched trout fry, and has also restored spawning grounds. Boulders have been placed in the water immediately above the Iso Lentuankoski rapid to provide protection for fish, and gravel spread to form spawning grounds. Gravel for this purpose has also been spread between the embankment and the eastern shore, and in a number of smaller channels.

To ensure successful spawning and the fry’s well-being, the fishing association encourages anglers to avoid wading between autumn and spring. The fishing association also discourages fishing in the small channel and recommends that anglers use their discretion over the taking of fish.



Rapids from upstream to downstream:

Iso Lentuankoski

  • Length: 300m
  • Elevation differential: 3.3m
  • Average flow: 24 m³/s
  • Services: Kiosk, white-water rafting, track for hauling boats, footbridge, fire pit.

Pieni Lentuankoski

  • Length: 240m
  • Elevation differential: 1.8m
  • Average flow: 24 m³/s




Six-hour licence €15

24-hours (known as the licence for 24-plus hours), €25. The licence is valid until 12 midnight on the following day.

Week €60,  Summer season €100, Annual €120  (An annual licence is valid for one year from the date of issue).

Those under 16 years of age receive a discount of 50% for licences for white-water fishing and trolling.

The 24-hour licence is known as the licence for 24-plus hours. The licence is valid from the time of issue until 12 midnight on the following evening.

Family licence: If two members of the same family purchase separate licences for white-water fishing, one additional family member may fish free of charge.

Hotelli Kainuu (Kuhmo), Pääkkönen & Piirainen (Kuhmo), Kesport Piipponen (Kuhmo), Lentuankosken leirintäalue -camping site.

Fishing licence by mobile phone: Dial +358 (0) 600 04170 price 15,35€/six-hours  or +358 (0)600 04171 price 25,37€/24-hours , and a licence will be sent as an SMS and charged to your mobile phone account.


-Statutory minimum size for stocked trout with no adipose fin: 50cm.
-Statuory minimum size for grayling is 35cm
-Wild trout with an intact adipose fin must be released immediately

The fishing licence for white-water fishing allows the holder to take up to one (1) stocked trout with no adipose fin or two (2) graylings /24 hours. A six-hour licence allows the holder to take one (1) stocked trout with no adipose fin or one (1) grayling.   Anglers are requested to avoid dislodging boulders or wading in spawning grounds.



Year round with the exception of 1 May to 27 May 12 noon (2023). The taking of trout is prohibited between 1 September and 30 November and grayling between 1 April and 31 May.

Any feedback should be sent to the fishing association, addressed to: juha.ahtonen@lentuankoski.fi

Giant Trout From the Lentuankoski Rapid

Lentuankoski Rapids

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