River Vuosanganjoki

Peaceful, secluded rapids in Vuosanka







The first rapids suitable for white-water fishing along the Kellojärvi waterway are located on the Vuosanganjoki which flows through forested country in Vuosanka, north of Lake Kuivajärvi. These form part of a state-owned water area and require a Metsähallitus lure fishing licence. The tumbling rapids at the northern and southern tip of the ten-kilometre-long Lake Kellojärvi belong to the Vieksi fishing association. The Hiidenkoski rapid flows from the north into Lake Kellojärvi at Koskenmäki village. At the southern end, the waters continue downstream as the Konapinkoski rapid.



The uppermost rapids of the Kellojärvi waterway tumble down along the Vuosanganjoki, winding its way through a wilderness in the northern part of Kuhmo. Beginning in Lake Vuosanginjärvi, this two-kilometre river flows into Lake Kuivajärvi. Road 9050 crosses the river in Vuosanka village at Vuosangantie 1850. A cabin is available for hire on the shore of Lake Vuosanginjärvi at the point where the river begins. Strewn with plentiful rocks, this narrow river has two rapids. A stretch of swift current at the head of the river is followed by a flowing pool that turns into a rapid known as Pitkäkoski. In the river’s middle reaches lies Pitkäsuvanto, a river-like pool more than half a kilometre in length.  The steep Luohikoski rapid begins where the Vuosangintie road crosses the river. The area is one of peaceful forest.


Fish stock and stock management

Although the Vuosanganjoki is not stocked to any appreciable extent, its rapids yield natural-stock grayling and trout. The latest fishery management measures in the river consist of the restoration of spawning grounds and fry nursery areas, carried out manually and aimed at strengthening the natural reproduction of fish.  Anglers are obliged to release all fish below statutory minimum size, to give them the chance of growing to a sexually mature size.



  • Length: 300m
  • Elevation differential: 2.3m
  • Average flow: 3.1 m³/s


  • Length: 350m
  • Elevation differential: 5.2m
  • Average flow: 3.1 m³/s





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