Torvenkoski and Tolosenkoski Rapids

Fishing Grounds in a Beautiful Rural Setting







Torvenkoski Rapid

The Torvenkoski and Tolosenkoski rapids are the most notable fishing grounds for white-water fishing in the lower reaches of the Uva waterway. Torvenkoski ja Tolosenkoski are a series of two separate rapids, flowing between lakes. Of the two, Torvenkoski is longer and more popular among anglers. Torvenkoski begins from Lake Pieni-Uvajärvi and drains into Lake Iijärvi. The rapid is steep, tumbling down a narrow gorge with a drop of no less than sixteen metres over a stretch of one kilometre. These rapids thunder along in a scenic setting, surrounded by beautiful, rolling countryside. The western bank is a steep, tree-covered hillside, while the opposite bank offers an idyllic rural landscape. The grounds of the Karppala farm include well-kept cowsheds, granaries, forges and an old mill beside the rapid. The mill is a special turbine mill, restored to working order. Various events are organised in the mill’s front yard, which also has a fire pit and information boards. The setting makes an ideal destination for a family summer outing. Torvenkoski is five-to-ten metres in width, and comfortably fishable from both banks. The banks of the upper section are steep but open and easy to traverse and fish.  The banks in the lower section are steep in places and forested down to the waterline. This narrow rapid can be fished along their entire length with a light spinning or fly fishing rod, with no need to resort to wading.


Tolosenkoski Rapid

The Toloisenkoski rapid, also known as the River Toloisenjoki, is located two kilometres upstream from Torvenkoski. These rapids begin beyond Lake Uvajärvi and drain into Lake Pieni-Uvajärvi. Compared with Torvenkoski, Tolosenkoski’s banks are more gentle, its currents milder and its channel deeper. A house stands on the southern bank, but both banks are open to fishing.


Fish stock and stock management

Anglers are attracted to the Torvekoski rapid because of trout, stocked in catchable-sizes, and natural-stock trout and grayling, caught less frequently than hatchery fish. Gathering its waters from the springs and numerous brooks in the area’s forested hills, the Uva waterway is a high-quality, small-scale river-and-lake system with a migratory fish population. Naturally reproducing trout and grayling occur widely across the entire area. In addition, these waters are stocked with the fry of migratory fish, and, around twice in the summer, with catchable-size fish. Boulders and gravel spreading for spawning grounds formed part of a restoration project on the Torvenkoski rapid in summer 2011, aimed at restoring it to its original condition as a fishery.


Fishing destinations on the Uvanjoki


  • Length: 1000m
  • Elevation differential: 16.6m
  • Average flow: 3.4 m³/s
  • Services: a lean-to


  • Length: 350m
  • Elevation differential: 3.9m
  • Average flow: 3.0 m³/s


Lure fishing licence for Ristijärvi: €4/24 hours, €7/week, €12/month, €20/season.  The licence covers the Torvenkoski and Tolosenkoski rapids and all white water in the municipality of Ristijärvi with the exception of the state-owned Metsähallitus water areas.

All river and white-water areas belonging to fishing associations in Ristijärvi municipality are included in a single licence. The most widely known white-water fishing grounds are the Torvenkoski rapid, located by the Karppala water mill in the village in Uva, and the small Hiisijoki, flowing in the municipality’s eastern corner.

Cafe 5 Stop (Ristijärvi) tai Ristijärven Pirtti (Ristijärvi)


The taking of trout is prohibited between 1 September and 30 November

-Statutory minimum size for stocked trout with no adipose fin: 50cm.
-Statutory minimum size for wild trout with an intact adipose fin: 60cm.
-Statuory minimum size for grayling is 35cm


All year round. (Taking of trout is prohibited between 1 September and 30 November)

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