Three Rapids in One Trip

Three Rapids in One Trip

For some years now our circle of fishing friends have opened the season with a trip to Hyrynsalmi. We start in late May by fishing at three white-water destinations in succession, each with a different character. During the course of one weekend, we rinse the winter dust off our lines by fishing the Luvankoski Rapid, the River Lietejoki and the Nuottikoski Rapid.

The Luvankoski Rapid – fishing for trout and brewing coffee over a fire

If you are keen on trout fishing, then Luvankoski is for you. We had made a note in previous summers of two hot spots, one next to a large boulder and the other at the watermill, but these had both been occupied on the opening day. Unused to crowds in the Kainuu fishing waters, we headed for the opposite bank less frequented by anglers. With the early summer marsh marigolds in bloom all around you, is there any better setting for casting your lure? If the fish aren’t biting, coffee brewed over a fire at the lean-to will help you get over your disappointment.

Anni Yli-Lonttinen, Kajaani

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