Three Rapids in One Trip

Three Rapids in One Trip

For some years now our circle of fishing friends have opened the season with a trip to Hyrynsalmi. We start in late May by fishing at three white-water destinations in succession, each with a different character. During the course of one weekend we rinse the winter dust off our lines by fishing the Luvankoski Rapid, the River Lietejoki and the Nuottikoski Rapid.

River Lietejoki – meandering through the forest

The River Lietejoki is in a league of its own. Here, the angler can enjoy a true wilderness atmosphere. This dark river, meandering calmly through forest, promises the angler bend after bend of fish-holding water.

I was targeting trout in the River Lietejoki, casting a fairly large lure. Instead of trout, time after time I found myself catching spirited grayling. Does my empirical study, conducted on the River Lietejoki, hold water? The bigger the lure, the larger the grayling…

Anni Yli-Lonttinen, Kajaani

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