River Lietejoki

The River Lietejoki is an Ideal Destination for Lure and Fly Fishers Who Prefer an Undisturbed Natural Setting







 The Syväjoki–Lietejoki river system gathers its waters from numerous springs and brooks in the hills along its course. This forest river has stretches suitable for white-water fishing extending to 20 kilometres. The most spectacular natural attraction along its course, and a trip destination not to be missed, is Komulanköngäs, a two-pronged waterfall on the Syväjoki, over 10 metres in height. A testimony of the value of this small stream’s riverine nature is that once salmon were caught here, and freshwater pearl mussels harvested, and that there is still a self-reproducing trout population. The Syväjoki forms a fly- and eco-fishing area, whereas the Lietejoki, stocked with hatchery-raised fish, is reserved for lure fishers. Separate licences are required for these rivers.



The lower stretches of the Lietejoki (Ukkohalla) river pass under Vanhatie, a road connecting Hyrynsalmi and Ristijärvi (road 8890), next to the centre of Hyrynsalmi municipality. Another road, Lietekylän tie, which leads off Vanhatie, follows the course of the river for approximately 10 kilometres.  Signposts lead from this road to various locations, including the Louhenkoski and Pitkäkoski rapids, with the Syväjoentie road providing access to the rapids located along the upstream reaches of the river. The UKK Hiking Trail follows the northern bank of the river.

The Lietejoki is an ideal destination for lure and fly fishers who prefer an undisturbed natural setting. The river flows through forest, and most fishing spots are only a short hike away. Over 20 kilometres in length, the river provides a variety of turbulent rapids and swift currents, evenly distributed along its course. The Lietejoki gathers its clear water from brooks that originate on the slopes of the highest hills in Kainuu. With its sand or gravel bottom, the river is easy to wade in and fish, even in pools with a moderate current. The rapid is generally less than 10 metres wide, which means the fish are within easy reach from either bank. Bear in mind, however, that fish in smaller streams are extremely wary. Hill streams are sensitive to fluctuations in water level, and fishing is at its best when the water is neither too high nor too low.


Fish stock and stock management

The most common catch on the Lietejoki is trout of around one kilo. Trout of the local stock in various sizes occur in the rapid, as on occasion do lake-dwelling trout. The most catchable-sized fish come from the hatchery, stocked in the river by the fishing association.  Grayling are from the natural stock, and account for the bulk of the salmonoid catch. Small grayling will bite on lures throughout the river, but bigger fish are wary and present the angler with a challenge. A number of spawning areas have been restored in the rapids, with the river being stocked annually with fry.


  • River length: approx. 20km
  • Rapids: dozens of rapids or sections of fast water
  • Elevation differential: approx. 50m
  • Average flow: 2.5 m³/s


Fishing licences for the River Lietejoki (Ukkohalla): €15/24 hours (The licence covers the entire length of the Lietejoki between Lake Lietejärvi and the River Emäjoki. The privacy of summer cottages must be respected. The Syväjoki falls under a separate licence.)

K-Rauta (Hyrynsalmi).Mobile licence: 24-hour fishing licence by mobile phone: Dial +358 (0)6060561453, and a licence will be sent as an SMS and charged to your mobile phone account. A service fee (approx. 16%) will be added to the price of the licence.


Fishing permitted with lure or fly. Bag limit: 2 salmonoids/24 hours. Anglers are recommended to take less than the bag limit in order to strengthen the natural fish population.

-Statutory minimum size for stocked trout with no adipose fin: 50cm.
-Statutory minimum size for wild trout with an intact adipose fin: 60cm.
-Statuory minimum size for grayling is 35cm


From 12 noon on the last Saturday in May until 31.8.


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