A River with Migratory Fish Stock, Draining into Lake Kiantajärvi

Known as the angler’s paradise, Hossa in the north-eastern corner of Suomussalmi offers perhaps the best fishing opportunities in Finland. In addition to ponds and lakes, stocked with a variety of salmonoids, the winding Hossanjoki and a number of smaller streams and brooks are available to those wishing to engage in white-water fishing. Hossa’s fishing opportunities are supplemented by a wide range of cottages and an information centre with café-restaurant and exhibition providing information on the area’s natural attractions.


For the fly fisher, the prime fishing lies in the dark-tinged waters of the Hossanjoki, once cleared for timber floating but now restored to its former condition. A two-kilometre stretch has been reserved for the exclusive use of fly fishers. With many interesting rapids and currents also lying outside this stretch, exploring the area may well take a day or more.

The most common catch on the Hossanjoki is stocked trout and grayling from the naturally reproducing stock. Now and then, large lake-run trout from Lake Kiantajärvi may put the angler’s tackle to the test. Anglers after these monsters should fish the lower stretches of the river.


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